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SatRevolution has an access to different kind of modern devices used in nanotechnology. We offer services at space level requirements, below briefly described part of them:
  • Solid State Physics (Atomic Force Microscope, Dimension Icon XYZ Closed Loop scanning head allowing for Nanomechanical mapping, Torsional Resonance, Phase Imaging, Magnetic Force Microscopy, etc.)
  • Printed Electronics (Laser Ablation for PCB with nano- and picosecond lasers, High precision ink-jet printer with use of silver ink)
  • X-Ray Crystallography (conduct analysis of the internal structure of solids, eg. metals, semiconductors, insulators, etc.)
  •  Polymer Materials (development of new polymer materials with desired properties)
  • Electron Microscopy (services in the area of mineralogical and metallographic analyses and expertise)
  • Laser Micromachining (microdrilling, micromilling, microcutting, microperforation, selective removal of thin films, etc)
  • Laser Sensing (spectrum analyzers, thermal cameras, fusion splicer, tunable lasers)
  • Optical Spectroscopy (conducting characterizations of luminescent materials in the form of powders or thin films)

Spacecrafts design and Spacecrafts subsystems design

Our offer include spacecrafts design and spacecrafts subsystems design. We have also exprience in space system software.
  • Space System Control
    Design and implementation of the systems for attitude and altitude determination (including electronics and software parts). Sensor and actuator modelling required for novel algorithms used in precise spacecraft control.
  • Optics and Optoelectronics
    We provide support in design and development of optical systems. Our claim is to cover the entire photonic process chain from opto-mechanical and opto-electrical system design to the manufacturing of customized solutions and prototypes. SatRevolution S.A. covers the whole process from optical system design to its mechanical implementation and analysis of the complete optical system. Simulation and design is carried out using commercial software packages.
  • Communication
    Design and manufacture of communication systems. We specialize in nano to small satellite communication in various bands up to 20GHz.
  • Power
    We offer know how, design and manufacture of power subsystems according to the requirements. Power control systems for efficient management of energy especially in spacecraft breakdowns.
  • Onboard computer
    We are capable of design of computer systems for command, data handling and spacecraft management. We work mainly on ARM processors and create relatively small computer modules with high performance capability.
  • Structures
    Design spacecraft structures capable to withstand loads imparted by the launch vehicles. Design of the body of the satellite including requirements of the space environment including radiation protection and thermal isolation of the inside of the spacecraft.